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Dear Parents and Families

We are Malcolm and Jen Padgett, the owners of Next Jen’eration Kids Academy LLC (NJKA), and we are honored that you have joined our family. Having raised 5 wonderful children, we understand the importance of selecting a quality childcare program that can meet your child’s academic needs in a safe, nurturing environment.

Prior to opening NJKA, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in Elementary and Special Education and served as an elementary teacher for 5 years. I then became a reading interventionist/specialist for 2 years. I’ve taught students from 1st through 5th grade in high-need schools and have a strong background in supporting literacy skills. My passion for learning and teaching led me to pursue and obtain a master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2018 from Argosy University.

My husband, Malcolm Padgett, is a registered nurse in the State of Florida. He travels throughout the state supporting hospitals in a variety of settings, providing the highest levels of service. His commitment and experience as a healthcare professional will help us to maintain the safety of our children and staff. We believe that education is the foundation for life success. Our mission is to develop early literacy skills and empower all children emotionally, cognitively, and socially in order to improve their quality of life and impact their families for “Jen’erations” to come.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us! 813-707-0337